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I’d like to introduce you to my blogger friends, fellow relationship bloggers Daryl and Dominique!  This week the Know Longer Single Youtubers have provided a guest post response to my article Money, How Much Does it Matter in a Relationship?

In the original post we asked the following questions and readers from around the country wrote in their responses on the topic of money & relationships.  Does it matter how much money your significant other makes?  Ladies, does it matter if a man makes significantly less money than you?  Would you date a guy who made less money?  If so would you marry him, all other things considered?  Men, does it matter to you how much money a woman makes?  If a woman made more money than you would that be an issue?

A few of the reader responses included:

“Money is as much about power and identity as it is about money. It’s less about who has the money, but more about, given our different values, how can we make this work… forever? ” –Female, 34, Houston, TX

“Money equates freedom to me. Freedom to venture, leisurely travel, give back, invest, build a business together, etc…..a lack of financial security and independence along with a drive to succeed are deal breakers.”                                           – Female, 33 – Chicago, IL

“It is not a problem to me if a woman makes more money than I do.  However, she needs to be cognizant of the limitations of my disposable  income.”   – Male, 32, Washington D.C.

Daryl & Dom are always fun to watch with a great dynamic and enlightening perspective.  Here’s what they had to say on the topic of money & relationships!

Daryl and Dominique met in 2015 and have been inseparable ever since. They both love to travel and are foodies at heart.  On their youtube channel Know Longer Single they give relationship advice while helping people navigate through the “single” phase of their lives and teaching them how to do life as a unit with their significant other.

You can find more of KnowLongerSingle at:

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