An Interview with Relationship Blogger Nora Nur

An Interview with Nora Nur – from the Relationship Blog Love From the Other Side

What made you decide to start a blog on the topic of relationships?

For years I was the friend with the hilarious or ridiculous dating stories.  My friends would laugh and say, “No really, that didn’t actually happen did it?”  While I enjoyed always having a good story to tell, I also was getting restless and ready for marriage.  Finally, in March of 2016 I got married to a really great guy.  In the months to follow I did a lot of reflecting on what had changed.  How had I changed?  How had my approach to dating changed?  Had my mindset changed?  I wanted to specifically know what positive changes had led to more successful dating and eventually marriage.  This is what the blog is about.  The blog helps women bridge the gap between being single and married by discussing dating mistakes, self- love, forgiveness, dating strategies and how to make necessary mindset shifts.

What’s up with the title, Love From the Other Side? 

Love From the Other SideThe other side is marriage.  I’ve spent the last 15 years dating, falling in and out of love and really developing definitions of what love is.  Now that I’m finally married I write about Love, from the other side, from the perspective of a married person, reflecting back on my single dating life.

Who should read your blog?

Anyone who is dating and wants to find a life partner or spouse.  While the blog is targeted at unmarried straight women, I do have male readers looking to know the female perspective as well as LGBT readers.  The advice really can be applicable to anyone seeking a serious relationship.

What are some of the specific things you write about?

I really like to emphasize this idea of Love being a decision that is head and heart based and not just a head over heels Hollywood feeling that we can’t control. 

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I write about self-love, forgiveness, relationship envy, and how to deal with those feelings of wanting to hurry up and move forward with love.  If marriage is something you value, then I think it’s absolutely normal to get really frustrated when it doesn’t seem to be happening for you.  I write a lot on how to deal with these feelings effectively so that you don’t self-sabotage dating efforts and so that you cthe-taboo-question - Love From the Other Sidean be happy in the now.  I give direct and specific dating advice on how to get what you ultimately want.

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I write funny anecdotal stories about dating disasters: The Pink Towel
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Perspective Wednesday Series. These pieces are more educational, informative and somewhat controversial.  The idea here is to educate readers on a perspective they’ve maybe never considered before in hopes that after reading they might take a new more expanded view.  I also have learned a lot myself through guest post in this section.

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Lastly, I write some expressive poetry just for fun.
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 Who is Mr. Nur and what’s his story?

Mr. Nur - Love From the Other SideI refer to my husband as Mr. Nur to give him a little more anonymity and separation from the blog.  The only way to really teach other women about bridging the gap between dating and marriage is to get really real.  I share true dating stories, discuss real challenges and give real advice.  While my husband is in full support of the blog and even allows me to drop photos of him sometimes I still like to give him a little distance from the blog.  At some point in the future I may convince him to do a few podcasts of videos with me sharing more of the married male perspective.  In the meantime here are a few facts I can share about the mystery man:

  • He is the ultimate scrabble champ, and I have yet to figure out how he is cheating. He literally makes up words that are somehow real words.FullSizeRender(1)
  • He’s yet to beat me in a Uno championship. I once made him draw 32 cards in a row.
  • I definitely beat him at least once in the basketball hoop game at Dave & Busters!   Peep that score!1012161949b

Yes we are very competitive and we love games!

Will there be any Baby Nur’s anytime soon?

Baby Nur - Love From the Other Side

Well yes in fact!  In September, we are expecting Baby Boy Nur, our first child.  What we know about him so far is that he is in training for professional Utero Break Dancing.  He practices his routines daily, especially between the hours of 11pm and 2am.  He also enjoys pineapples and ice-cream (not together).  Unlike his parents however, he does not seem to like Bruno Mars.  We can’t figure that one out yet?!

What are your future plans for the blog?

I plan to continue writing dating and relationship advice while also networking and meeting other like minded women for guest post.  I’ve met a lot of awesome women so far in the blogosphere and it’s really been one of the best parts of blogging.  I also hope to reach even more women by expanding the blog and doing more podcast and vlogs.  In the future I’d also like to do speaking engagements and workshops at women’s empowerment conferences.   Sometime in the next year readers can also expect an ebook of short stories, dating advice and poetry.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers? 

Just a thank you to all the current followers that engage with the blog.  If you’re reading the blog and haven’t yet subscribed go ahead and do that.  New post are sent to your email every Monday morning.  Also, if you have friends that would benefit from the content please share it with them as well.  If anyone is interested in guest posting or in asking for specific advice on a topic they can email me through the contact page  Thanks so much.

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