Newly Wed Bliss: A practical poem about New Marriage

newly wed

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Are you in newly wed bliss?
Do you get butterflies from his kiss?
Do you miss your new groom,
every time he leaves the room?
Are you infatuated,
constipated with LOVE?

Embarrassed and hatin’ my own hesitation,
contemplatin’ consequences,
of the indefinite damnation,
of declaring any declaration other than…YES.
I answer,
“I guess”.
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Five-Mile Radius: A poem about Isolation & Depression

five-mile-radius - isolation- depression

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Five-Mile Radius
We’re all in a five-mile radius of isolation.
We’re all sitting on the same couch contemplating.
We’re all not old enough.
We’re all getting too old, too fast.
We’re all choking on our own breath.

We’re all anxiously alienated.
We’re all impatiently claiming, that we’re patiently waiting.
We’re all declaratively denying our fear of indefinitely dying before
this and that.
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