10 Things I Want Non-Muslims to Know About Being Muslim


My senior year of high school I went to the ACT-SO art competition in Miami, Florida. I went as a regional winner for visual arts along with 10-15 other students from my high school and nearby schools and a few parent chaperones. We loaded a coach bus headed for the airport and before we took off, one of the parent chaperones suggested we bow our heads in prayer. I quietly bowed my head, praying it would be a generic prayer. “Lord Jesus Christ, our holy savior, we pray in your name, we pray that we arrive safely…..” Uncomfortable I lifted my head, dismissing myself from the prayer. As a Muslim, I don’t believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) is God or the son of God, and thus such a prayer opener made me highly uncomfortable. Later in the trip, a parent chaperone asked me what church I attended. When I told her I was Muslim, she asked offended, how it was possible that I didn’t “believe the lord Jesus Christ had died for my sins”, she then told 18 year old me, that I would “go to hell” if I didn’t come to accept this. At 18 I was soft spoken with a reverence for all adults. I didn’t know how to respond to such a statement so I didn’t respond at all. Continue reading

Don’t Get Surf & Turfed this Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways to Protect Your Wallet

valentine's day money saving

When I was 23, young, broke and stupid I learned this term. It’s when you generously take someone out to dinner on a budget and they unexpectedly order the two most expensive things on the menu, the steak and the lobster.

At 23, I was dating this guy whose pattern was to always split meals with me whenever we went out. He was a fairly skinny guy but he said to manage his cholesterol he wanted to split meals. He also didn’t drink or ever order desserts or appetizers. Needless to say, whenever we went out for a meal the bill was consistently low.

On Valentine’s Day I decided I wanted to mix things up and take him out. Stupidly, I chose to take him to the John Hancock building 95th floor Signature Room. I had never been, but I’d heard it was amazing. Did I mention I was 23 and broke? I looked up the menu beforehand but of course fancy restaurants often don’t list prices on the online menu. I figured we’d probably order one $35 -50$ entre and share it like we normally shared meals. There’d be no appetizer, drinks, desserts etc. because he never wanted those things anyway.

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Valentine’s Day & Tuesday Night Dishes

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Hello lovelies,

If you’ve noticed that I’ve been MIA for the past two weeks, it’s because I’ve been battling the flu.  Being sick these past few weeks has really got me thinking a lot about the upcoming Holiday of Love, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day.  Are you excited for Valentine’s Day, totally indifferent or “feeling some type of way”?

For as long as I can remember Valentine’s Day has made me feel some type of way.  In junior high we purchased $1 mailgrams and sent them to one another.  I recall partnering up with girlfriends and making sure everyone in the crew was accounted for so that no one would feel the embarrassment of not receiving one.  If by chance a secret admirer did send you one, the excitement of this was quickly overshadowed by the awkward aftermath of having to interact with said admirer.

In high school some of the girls with boyfriends got big bouquets of flowers or gaudy balloons to carry around throughout the seven period day.  Not getting one made me feel some type of way but carrying around these bulky objects also felt like a silly impractical display of show and tell.

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