Mediocrity is the Antagonist of Love


It was in that moment, standing outside the storefront window of the Argo Tea, contemplating the three small chips in the acrylic painting that I realized, I could never marry him.  “That one’s chipping, do you see it?” I asked.  “Yeah I know, it was like that when I hung it.  No big deal, no one will notice.”  He said.  “But —” , I silenced myself.  What was the point anyway?   In high school, acrylics had been my medium of choice.  I bought it in jars instead of tubes so I could leave the caps off and let it dry up like paste.  Tube acrylic was the consistency of snot, thin, runny and uninteresting.  But all dried up and paste-like it could be manipulated into textures. I could layer and mix colors right on the canvas.  Portraits of brown people were my favorite.  I never mixed complexions on a palette beforehand, nor would I attempt to purchase skin tone paints.  I loved to layer white, red, yellow, brown, blue.  Everyone’s blood runs blue.  Even behind the darkest of skin tones you can see hints of blue pulsing veins.  I loved color.

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10 Time Management Strategies for Balancing Couple Time & Personal Time

10 time management strategies

How do you find the balance of spending quality couple time with having enough personal time to be productive and centered? 

Here are 10 tips.

1. Make a working date: Ask your significant other to come over and bring work or a book to read.  Make it clear that you will be working on stuff while they are there.  If you live together then make it a date to go to a local coffee shop for a few hours.  The key is to be clear that it is a working date and that you have specific tasks to complete.  It’s fun to be in the presence of your significant other and it lightens the mood as you push through your required work.  It’s also a good idea to discuss goals with one another.  What things have you each been procrastinating that you want to accomplish?  Perhaps working dates can be a time when you both spend time making progress on these goals.

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Disposable Love: The First Cut is the Deepest

disposable love

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Sheryl Crow’s song, The First Cut Is the Deepest is one of my favorite songs despite the fact that it takes me to this solemn reflective place.  It makes me think about disposable love.  It makes me think about actually being disposable.  Have you ever felt that way?… Disposable?   It’s a shitty space to be in emotionally, but perhaps we all need to feel it at least once to learn.  That’s why I love the song so much, because it reminds me, it humbles me.
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