Five-Mile Radius: A poem about Isolation & Depression

five-mile-radius - isolation- depression

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Five-Mile Radius
We’re all in a five-mile radius of isolation.
We’re all sitting on the same couch contemplating.
We’re all not old enough.
We’re all getting too old, too fast.
We’re all choking on our own breath.

We’re all anxiously alienated.
We’re all impatiently claiming, that we’re patiently waiting.
We’re all declaratively denying our fear of indefinitely dying before
this and that.
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Behind the Sigh: Why Self-Love is the Critical Ingredient in Finding a Healthy Relationship

behind the sigh self-love

On Saturday late into the morning our home is filled with the smell of cleaning supplies, dryer sheets and newly opened lavender Glade plugins.  I clean the bathrooms while he loads and unloads the dishwasher.  Our final chore is always folding laundry together.  Midway through I let out a noticeable sigh.  He pauses with childlike curiosity and a slight reminisce of distress.  “What’s wrong?”, he asks with worry in his eyes.  “Nothing”, I say smiling and jumping back into the present moment.  “Nothing at all.”  I wonder how many more “nothings” I’m allowed before I’ll have to explain what’s behind the sigh.

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If Not Love Then What?: 6 Reasons Why I Married Him Other Than Love


married other than love

Six months before I got engaged my friend asked me if I wanted to marry my boyfriend now husband. I said yeah and she asked why. After five minutes of me explaining and no usage of the word “love” she looked at me confused and said…”and because you love him right?”

I was surprised I hadn’t actually said the L word in my longwinded rant, but slightly more annoyed that she insistently needed me to. I did love and am in love with my husband very much, but love wasn’t why I married him nor why I wanted to at the time. Before him I’d been “in love” at least 3 times and claimed love more times than I can remember yet I’d never been married. Love simply isn’t enough to warrant marriage. So if not love then what? If love isn’t enough to equate marriage what are the other ingredients?  Continue reading